How to develop a better voice?

Sounds are very important as they help you to stand out

If your pronunciation is not good then people are not only going to have trouble understanding you but they might make fun of you. You need to make sure that you not only speak correct and fluent English but also with the right sounds.

In voice and accent training there are many aspects.

Pronunciation of the right sounds in the right way

This includes the right mouth positions. You may be able to pronounce the correct sound without the right mouth position but if your mouth position is correct then there is a different level of clarity that you achieve.

Syllable Stress 

You get the right pronunciation of words by stressing on the right syllable. So, when we make mistakes in pronouncing the words, it’s often because of the wrong syllable stress.

Word stress: We also have to be careful of the right word that we stress in a sentence. There are rules for this. Word stress will make your speech easily understandable and very effective.

Intonation: The music of the language. Many people don’t pay any attention to our tone. The better your intonation the more interested your listener’s will be in what you have to say. Without using intonation you might come across as boring and you might put your listeners to sleep.

Even though you can work on your Voice yourself with the help of some tips. However, it’s always faster and better if you take professional help. But be careful about he kind of professional help that you are seeking.

Even though many English teachers and institutes claim to provide voice and accent training to you. Be careful because most of the trainers are themselves not trained in voice and accent well. If you will look, you will find that there are many institutes which claim to be British or American but they have nothing to do with Britain or America. You might find that trainers there can’t pronounce very well.