Different Ways of Improving English

Different Ways of Improving English

There are different ways in which people usually learn English. We are going to take a look and ponder about many of them today.

English Grammar: A lot of people approach the subject of learning English Speaking in Delhi like it’s math or science or a technical subject. But I am sure that you will agree with me that it’s more like an art. Like playing a sport or a musical instrument or painting. Then why do almost all teachers and training institutes especially in Delhi or India, try to teach it with mostly grammatical formulas. First you learn the concept, then the formula, then practice it a little bit and then practice it more. They have made this concept so widespread that it has got acceptance even with the English learners because they don’t know better. After all all the teachers say that. Also, it seems so logical. We always feel in control as we go through topic by topic, just like we are learning maths.

Group Discussion: Group discussions are also a very popular tool that can be used to improve English. A lot of institutes and teachers use it.  If there is a 1 hr 30 mins class with 20 participants. How much opportunity do you really get to speak - in minutes? Also, all the participants in the group discussions are also English Learners. So, we are all gathered to speak and make mistakes. Usually two or three people who are more vocal than others speak all the time. Usually the way group discussions are done - does more harm than good.

Environment: We all know how important environment is to learn English. If you speak and listen to English a lot then automatically you get to improve. But if we already had an environment then we would already be speaking English fluently. So, we try to create that environment. We ask our friends and family members to speak with us in English. It works for sometime but more often than not, it only lasts for a few days and we are back to square one.

Reading Newspaper: This is a very common advice that people give. If done in the right way it can have good results. But it’s very boring and we only do it for a few days. The vocabulary in the newspaper is difficult for most of the English learners. Also, that’s not spoken English, that’s not how people speak. We are in the year 2016 and there are many better tools to improve English rather than reading a newspaper.

Removing Hesitation: Forcing someone to speak English before he or she is ready is the worst thing that we can do. Confidence comes in with improvement and development. It not something you can force someone into. There’s a difference between inspiring someone and forcing someone. In most of the cases teachers are found forcing the trainees rather than inspiring them.

Ear Training: Ear training is hands down the best way to improve your English quickly and effortlessly. All you need to do is spend about two to three hours a day and see your English improve automatically.

(You can also save time by mixing ear training while doing other tasks)

We know that it’s not possible for all English learners to join Impact. We are not able to reach out to many. We have limited seats so it is almost impossible to train everyone at the same time. However, we keep helping you out with tips on better understanding on improving English. If you are planning to join any institute and you can’t join Impact. We hope that after reading this article you are in a better position to judge for yourself - where I want to join and what and how I am going to get trained.