Are Online English Classes Helpful?

What's the need for online English speaking classes?

In today's day and age, we are all very busy. Especially those who are working. It's hard for them to take time out for joining physical classes. When you join offline classes you need to travel to and from the center which takes time. So, even though it might not take that much time but still we have to get up and go. It takes effort, that is why some people keep procrastinating about joining the classes.

When you join online classes this is no longer the case. It takes no time to travel and no effort to go anywhere.

I've heard that improving spoken English is all about group discussions and interacting with people. It isn't possible online!

In most of the English speaking institutes, it's all about group discussions and grammar. It's easier that way for some institutes. These institutes don't have the right passion for creating new and better modules for you. In fact you will find that most of these institutes buy modules or franchise from other institutes and they just copy what others are doing without giving it any creative thought. Group discussion is a great way to improve your language but fortunately it is not the only way. While learning a language there is a learning curve - group discussions could be helpful for you at some point in time during that learning curve but it can't be the entire process in itself. There are many other aspects which are often ignored by these institutes. Every institute wants to have bigger batches - more the no. of students they have the more they earn and that's why they would have you believe that big batches are good for you because you need to interact with people and you need to do group discussions and activity. You will often find that because there are more number of people in the batch you hardly get any time to speak during the group discussion. 

So, the first point is that improving your English speaking skills is not all about group discussions and interacting with other people. 

Secondly, you can do group discussions online also. You can interact with people online as well. For eg. in our online classes we do group discussions, conversations, presentations etc. and because we have limited seats in any given batch everyone gets enough time to practice and learn.

But online classes are not effective!

Online classes are as effective as offline classes. As discussed before - it's easier for you to enrol for online classes. Less procrastination - more action! It's easier for you to take the classes everyday as it takes no time to travel anywhere and you can do it from the comfort of your home. We offer live online video classes to people. So, you are able to see the trainer, talk to the trainer and other participants too. It's just like you are sitting in a regular classroom. 

The best part about online classes is that you can take classes from anywhere in the world. For example, Impact is located in New Delhi but there are students from all across the world. If not for the online classes it would not be possible for them to take advantage of the kind of training that we provide. When a person wants to join English speaking classes. He is only limited to his locality. So, if you don't have any good English institute in your  locality then there is nothing you can do. But online classes make it possible for someone who lives anywhere in the world to enhance their English fluency.

I concede that there could be many online classes that are not much effective for many people. You might have even joined one before and had a bad experience. But that is possible with offline classes also. So, you should be more careful about joining online training next time.

It's too technical for me

This could be a valid point for someone who doesn't know how to operate a computer or a mobile phone. Earlier we used to provide online English classes only on a pc or a laptop but now we provide online classes on smartphones also. Almost everyone in the world uses a smartphone. So, even if you use an android or an iphone, you can join these classes.

Impact offers online classes to people from all around the world. Before you join our classes we take you through an online demo - The demo takes about half an hour. During this demo - we conduct a preassessment to gauge your profeciency level and to customize a course for you. Then we give you the details of the course. You are also able to see how the classes are conducted and if it's going to be beneficial for you.

This demo is completely free of cost and is conducted at a time that is suitable for you as well as our trainers. Get more information about Online English Fluency Course.