How our brain learns a language?

Our Brain

We humans are the only species on the planet who can articulate languages and communicate more effectively. We have got the right organs to learn and use a language. Today, I would like to talk about the brain to get the best results with minimum efforts.

You see, our brain is magical. You must have heard about different types of minds we have. To learn a language our conscious and subconscious minds are of great relevance. So, let’s see what they are -

Conscious Mind: It’s most active when we are awake. We experience the world with our conscious mind. When we see, hear, smell, touch, or taste anything. That first gets registered in our conscious mind. However, our conscious mind is limited. It has to experience new things too. It has to pay attention to new stuff. So, to do that it has to empty itself first. So the conscious mind transfers information into the subconscious mind. It has to do this all day to keep working properly.

Subconscious Mind: It’s most active when we sleep. We experience dreams using the subconscious mind. We create habits using subconscious mind. We get skilled at anything using the subconscious mind. Anything that we learn - we learn using the subconscious mind. The problem is that most people don’t pay too much attention to it. They try to learn stuff using the conscious mind. If we knew how important the role of subconscious mind is then we can become super learners.

The natural way of learning English using our subconscious mind

Please look at the following steps:

Input: Listening, speaking, reading, writing, etc. When it comes to a speaking English language the ears play the most important role. So, listening is the most effective way of registering English or any other spoken language in our subconscious mind. Even better is listening to your own voice in English because your mind trusts your voice more than anyone else’s. So, speaking English and listening English are the best ways for input.

Repetition: When we repeat an English sentence over and over again. It gets programmed in our mind. The best part is that it’s not just that particular English sentence but also the sentence structure and the vocabulary. Once it’s programmed in our mind then it becomes highly likely that you would never make a mistake in that sentence in English. If you want to make English automatic for you just like your mother tongue then you need to repeat the sentences over and over again. But you also have to make sure that the sentences you repeat are correct otherwise your brain will also learn to speak the mistakes.

Thought Process and output: Now that we have programmed our mind to speak correct and fluent English. We can start working on the thought process and first start thinking in English (don’t translate word for word). You can practice thinking in English on your own. There are various ways of doing it. The more time you have spent in Input and repetetion the more effortless the thought process and output becomes. If you have not worked on the input and repetition process then you would struggle speaking also. You would not remember the words when you need them, you would make grammatical mistakes. You would face a lot of problems.

How to Learn Speaking English Quickly

Learning to speak English can be a long process. If you want to shorten it then spend more and more time in INPUT and REPETITION. People generally are impatient they just want to start speaking from the word GO. They want to directly work on the thought process and output. However till the time you don’t work on the first two steps you are going to have a bad experience. If you want better results in less time then focus on the ear training.

I hope that you will take this advice and work towards improving English Quickly.

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