Can I learn English Speaking by reading?

Can I learn English speaking by reading?

Learning English speaking by reading is arguably the most effective way , especially for beginners. But most people don’t do it right.  Just take care of the following points and within a month your English will Improve a lot.

Read aloud: You wont learn English speaking  with your eyes. You have

 to listen a lot of correct English if you want to improve fast.

Be clear and slow: For deep learning you need to make sure that your brain understand what you are reading. Don’t go fast. Be very slow.

Learn correct English: Don’t make mistakes while reading. It may be difficult. If you are focused, you will notice that you are making many small mistakes while

 reading. Remember, if you will listen wrong, then you will learn incorrect English. You may become fluent overtime however you will still be making a lot of mistakes. So, be careful!

Don’t read newspapers: Its not that newspapers are not helpful, they are but if you read short stories with simple vocabulary then you will learn speaking faster.

Use Stress: Stress gives meaning to words and sentences. Stress will make your speech slow and clear. Many people complain that they can’t understand while reading aloud. The reason is that they don’t use stress.  If you use stress then you won’t sound like you are reading. you will sound like you are talking to someone.

Listen to yourself: This is perhaps the most important point. This is where almost all teachers get it wrong. You learn the most by listen to yourself rather than listening to others. Your brain understands and accepts your voice more than the voice of other people no matter how well they speak. So, reading aloud and listen to yourself! Having said that, I also want you to listen to other as even that is crucial for improvement.

Be regular: You will improve faster if you read for 1 hour everyday rather than 10 hours on one day in a week.

Read for an hour everyday and mix it up with other ways of learning and you will improve much faster than before.