About Us

About Impact

Impact was founded in 2011 in Mahipalpur, New Delhi. Since then created a revolution in the field of English speaking by providing incomparable training to people, which is one of its kind!!!

Impact has enabled thousands of English learners from not only Delhi but from all over the world to speak fluent English. 

At Impact, you will find trainers constantly involved with the progress of the students who want to speak fluent English. We understand that not everyone can learn English speaking at the same pace. Different people learn to speak in different ways. Learning English is not like learning mathematics in which formulas can be memorised or learnt and problems can be solved. Learning English is like learning how to drive. Being fluent in English Speaking is like having a lot of English deep into your subconscious mind. There are various ways to make that happen. At Impact in Delhi we use all of those ways to make you learn English quickly.

During our research we realised that the most effective ways of learning English are very impractical for any existing English learning institute to follow. We worked on it and made it happen at Impact.

At our institute in Delhi, learning English is fun. The English trainers and students are always motivated, energetic and happy. We understand how important staying motivated and happy is. We use innovative exercises and training methods. The English classes and courses are ingenious and dynamic. The students always have something new to work on. That keeps them continuously interested in Learning English. We can proudly say that English learners at Impact learn English at least twice as fast as any other institute in Delhi. 

How it all started

"I having been training in the corporate and institutes for many years before Impact. This is how it happened. Many years back a friend asked me about the best English learning institute in Mahipalpur. I said, “I don’t know. But I will find out for you.” I went to the one nearest to my home. After interacting with students and trainers there, I was disappointed because it seemed like the training methods were outdated and ineffective. The teachers and trainers are not trained properly. Most of the trainers didn't know much English themselves and they were untrained teachers. But the thing that disappointed me the most was they weren't worried much if someone was learning or not. Then, I went to the others and I was shocked to see that the rest were also similar. I discussed the findings with my friend. He suggested me to start teaching English to students, as I was professionally trained to teach and had a long training background. That’s when I came up with Impact Training Services." 

Rishi Sehrawat


Vision And Mission

To provide English learners with services that can make them Learn English faster and better than ever before. For that, we constantly strive to come up with new and innovative Ideas. Most of the institutes in India are old fashioned and ineffective. Impact was founded to give students interesting yet effective English training. English learners at Impact use the latest technology and instruments to learn English quickly.

English is the international language of the world, especially when it comes to business. Most of the good jobs today especially in India require good English language skills. Impact empowers people to speak English quickly. Our mission is to continue to do so and and make an impact on the lives of as many people as possible.