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Interjections are actually small words which carry strong emotions like oh! Hi! Ah! etc. Interjections don't really have any grammatical value. But we use interjections a lot, especially in spoken English. When we insert an interjection in any sentence, they don't have any connection to the sentence or grammatical value. An interjection can be followed by an exclamation mark.

Interjections like er.. or um.. are also called "hesitation devices". They are very common in English. People use them when they are thinking about what to say. 

Below are some Interjections their meanings with examples

  • expressing pleasure - "ah, it feels nice"
  • expressing realization - "ah, now I know"
  • expressing resignation - "ah well, it can't be helped"
  • expressing surprise - "ah, I've won"

  • expressing grief or pity - "alas, he's dead now"

  • asking for repetition - "It's cold today." Eh?" "I said it's cold today"
  • expressing inquiry - "What do you think of that, eh?"
  • expressing surprise - "Eh! really?"
  • inviting agreement - "Let's go, eh?" 

  • expressing hesitation - "Delhi is the capital of... er...India"

  • expressing greeting - "Hello John, How are you today?"
  • expressing surprise - "Hello! My car's gone!"

  • expressing pity - "Oh Dear! Does it hurt?"
  • expressing surprise - "Dear me! That's a surprise!"

  • calling attention - "Hey! look at that man!"
  • expressing surprise, joy etc. - "Hey! What an idea!

  • expressing greeting - "Hi! What's up?"

  • expressing hesitation doubt or disagreement - "Hmm. I am not sure"

  • expressing surprise - "Oh! Here you are!"
  • expressing pain - "Oh! My feet hurt"
  • pleading - "Oh, please take me with you!"

  • expressing pain - "Ouch! Its sharp!"

  • expressing hesitation - "Uh... I don't know what to say"

  • expressing agreement - "Shall we go and play?" "Uh-huh"

Um, Ummm
  • expressing hesitation - "85 divided by 5 is...um...17"

  • expressing surprise - "Well I never!"
  • introducing a remark - "Well, what did he say?" 

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