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Prepositions show the relationship between a noun (or a pronoun) and another word in a sentence.

For example: 
  • Your book is on the table.
  • My book is beside the table.
  • He read the book during class.

Some examples of prepositions:

 About AboveAcross After Against Along Among  At Around
 Before Behind Below Beneath Beside Between Beyond But By
 Despite Down During Except For From In Inside Into
 Like Near Of Off On Onto Out Outside Over
 Past Since Through Throughout Among From Till To Toward
 Under Underneath Until Up Upon With Within Without Worth

Simple Prepositions are the single word prepositions. 

Compound Prepositions are the prepositions which are made of more than one word. For example, "in between" and "because of" are prepositions of two words. Similarly, "in front of" and "on behalf of" are prepositions made up of three words.

  • The book you are looking for is in between "War and Peace" and "The Lord of The Rings".
  • The book is in front of the desk.
  • The men climbed the mountain without fear.
  • There were celebrations throughout the land when the government was defeated.

Preposition of Time

The table contains the rules of usage for some of the commonly used prepositions of time.

 Preposition Usage Examples
  •  in
  •  months, seasons
  • time of day
  • year
  • after a certain period of time (when?)
  •  in June
  • in the evening
  • in 2004
  • in an hour
  •  on
  •  days (of the week)
  •  on Friday
  •  at
  •  for night
  • for weekend
  • for a certain point in time (when?)
  •  at night
  • at the weekend
  • at half past nine
  •  since
  •  From a certain point of time (past till now)
  •  since 1883
  •  for
  •  Over a certain period of time (past till now)
  •  for 6 months
  •  before
  •  earlier than a certain point of time
  •  before 1996
  •  ago
  •  a certain time in the past
  •  6 years ago
  •  past
  •  telling the time
  •  ten past 7 (7:10)
  •  to
  •  telling the time
  •  ten to 5 (4:50)
  •  to/till/untill
  •  Marking the beginning and the end of a period of time
  •  From Friday to/till Monday
  • till/untill
  •  In the sense that how long something is going to last
  •  he is on holiday until Tuesday
  •  by
  •  In the sense of at the latest
  • up to a certain time
  •  I will be back by 4 o'clock.
  • By 10 o'clock, I had read 7 pages.

Preposition of Place

 PrepositionUsage Example 
  • in
  • book, paper etc
  • room, building, street, town, country 
  • car, taxi
  • picture, world
  • in the book 
  • in the kitchen, in London
  • in the car, in a taxi
  • in the picture, in the world
  •  at
  •  next to, by an object
  • for table
  • for events
  • place where you are to do something typical (watch a movie, study, work etc.)
  •  at the door, at the station
  • at the table
  • at a concert
  • at a party
  •  on
  •  attached
  • for a place with a river
  • being on a surface
  • for a certain side (left, right)
  • for a floor in a house
  • for public transport
  • for television, radio
  • the picture on the wall
  • Delhi lies on the Yamuna.
  • on the table
  • on the left
  • on the first floor
  • on the bus, on a plane
  • on TV, on the radio
  •  by, next to, beside
  •  left or right of somebody or something
  •  John is standing next to, by, beside the car.
  •  under
  • on the ground, lower than, covered by... something else
  •  The dog is under the table.
  •  below
  •  lower than something but above ground
  •  The fish are swimming below the surface
  •  over
  • something else covers it
  • means more than
  • going to the other side (also across)
  • to overcome an obstacle
  •  Put a coat over your shirt.
  • over fourteen years of age.
  • go over the bridge.
  • jump over the wall.
  •  above
  •  Higher than something else however not directly over it.
  •  a road above the lake
  •  across
  •  going to the other side.
  •  go across the bridge
  • swim across the pond.
  •  through
  •  something with limits on the sides, bottom and top
  •  walk through the tunnel
  •  to
  •  movement to a person or a building
  • movement to a place or a country
  • for going to bed
  •  go to the theater
  • go to Delhi/India
  • go to bed
  •  into
  •  when entering a room or a building
  •  go into the drawing room/ house
  •  towards
  •  movement in the general direction of something but not directly to it.
  •  go 10 steps towards the tree
  •  onto
  •  movement to the top of some object
  •  jump onto the bed
  •  from
  •  in the sense "where from"
  •  a fish from the lake

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