Why Impact?

posted Sep 18, 2013, 9:19 PM by Rishi Sehrawat

  • Amazing new way to learn grammar without formulas. Using this method our students learn to speak grammatically correct English naturally.
  • With Impact's unique method you can finally say goodbye to boring books, boring exams and boring exercises.
  • It's a subconscious learning method that helps you learn English faster. Improve vocabulary and grammar and practice in real conversations. Feel confident about your English communication.
  • Enjoy while learning. If you are happy, you will learn faster. Learn English in a relaxing way by listening to interesting topics and conversations in English. The focus is on keeping the student happy and interested and remove boredom and nervousness.
  • No more text book English. Learn real spoken English. How do people all across the world communicate in English? Get inspired by listening to the best speakers.
  • Our method creates an English environment for you.
  • Avoid hesitation, learn using fun-filled short stories with useful vocabulary and grammar.
  • Learn from others like you. Learn from other members of Impact Training Services. Get into a conversation with them.
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Listen to one of our new student, Anand talking about why he joined Impact.He makes many mistakes in English grammar and pronunciation. We would keep you updated on his improvement.