Importance of Sounds in Spoken English

posted May 5, 2016, 12:50 AM by Rishi Sehrawat   [ updated Dec 19, 2017, 8:55 PM by Priyanka Sharma ]

Importance of Sounds in Spoken English

English speaking courses in Delhi usually don't focus on the sounds but on grammar. At Impact we train you in sounds first because of the many benefits.
correct sound pronunciation

Learning a language specially English is all about repetition and practice. It takes time and becomes monotonous. Most of the English learners quit midway because of this. Sounds Training not only helps an English Student to speak with the right pronunciation but also speak with the right stress and music in a very short time. When the English learners notice the improvement in their speech sounds so quickly, it fills them up with confidence and enthusiasm. The newly found confidence and enthusiasm not only helps remove the monotony of learning English but also makes you speak more and more because you sound so much better. This has a ripple effect on how fast you gain fluency. The more you speak, the more you improve.

Another advantage is the comprehension and programming of the mind to speak better in English. Understanding is one thing and retention is another. What we have noticed in our research is that when you speak with the right sounds, stress and intonation then your brain learns better and quicker. Your brain absorbs the English that it listens to. If your pronunciation, sounds and music is just right then you improve at a lightning fast speeds. So, don't leave the sounds training for the last. If you do it first then you end up learning English much faster.

Best of Luck!!!