Can I improve my English without joining English Classes

posted Dec 1, 2017, 5:24 AM by Rishi Sehrawat   [ updated Jun 22, 2021, 11:15 PM ]

The 5 Activities

Yes, you can improve your English without joining any classes.

There are millions of people who join English courses every month. But there are also many who don’t. Many people try to improve their English by studying grammar, reading newspapers, watching youtube videos, trying to speak in English with their friends etc.

Today we are going to discuss how we can improve our English without joining any English classes.

The basics of learning any language is listening to others and listening to yourself. We need to find engaging ways in which we can do that.

Reading Aloud improve English - Spoken English Course

  • Reading aloud: Choose something that excites you or you are curious about. It could be a book, a magazine, a novel or even a newspaper. But make sure that you want to know about that topic, this will keep you interested and will make sure that you like doing it.

Listening To Music and Singing Aloud - English Speaking Course

  • Listening to music: Select a few songs that you like. Listen to the songs repeatedly - the same songs. Try to sing along. 

  • Listen to music - English Speaking CoursesWatching Movies, T.V. Programs and Youtube videos: Try to find movies, programs and video which interest you. Don’t just watch something because it’s in English but only watch the one’s that you find interesting. Also, avoid subtitles. When we watch movies with subtitles we naturally start reading and stop listening. 

Talking in English - English courses in Delhi
    •  Talking in English: Talk to people more in         English. Be a little selfish here for sometime. Find people   who   want to speak in English with you. If you forget to   speak in   English don't procrastinate, start right there   and then.

Thinking In English - The best English speaking courses in Delhi

  • Thinking in English: Think in English as much as possible. When you see people talking in English try to translate what they are saying in English. If you are traveling observe and describe people, things and situations silently in your mind. Start a conversation with yourself. 

Also, remember the following points they can help you get better results in less time.

  • Clarity: Focus on clarity of your sounds when speaking aloud. 

  • Don’t use monotones: Sounds like hmm… aaaaa… (thinking sounds)

  • Don’t use fillers: Words like “like, u know, actually...etc.”

  • Don’t repeat your words and clauses: If you think that you have made a mistake then start the sentence all over again.

  • Try to use full sentences: For eg. when someone asks you, “How are you?”, You should reply in full sentence “I am fine” and not just “fine”.

So, these were the few tips for you. But remember that I am not asking you not to join an English course or an institute. In fact, you can learn and get better even faster if you join the right course or classes. If you have the right mentor, he/she can help you improve your English at least 10 times faster.

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