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It's not just what you say but also how you say it that makes the big difference. Sounds are the basic elements of a language. 

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The is one of the most comprehensive sounds training course that is available anywhere in the world. The duration of this course is around 1 month (22 sessions). In this course you get to learn how to make the right mouth positions for pronouncing individual sounds. Once you have practiced and are trained on the mouth position for a particular sound then we take you through intense practice of words where that particular sounds comes in the beginning of the word, middle of the word and the end of the word. We also make you practice with sentences and tongue twisters and paragraphs. Also, when that particular sound blends with other sounds.

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You get to practice along with the expert trainer and even after the class you can practice along with an audio provided on the website. So, that you get maximum benefit from the sounds training.

You have been speaking in a particular way all through your life. Sounds are something that can be improve

over a very short period of time. However, you need the right kind of training and practice techniques. Any one can show you how to pronounce the sounds correctly but not everyone can make you pronounce the sound correctly instantaneously. That's why this sounds training is so effective and different.

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Even if a trainer helps you pronounce the sound correctly in the class most of the people go back to the way you have been pronouncing that sound earlier. It's a big challenge for people to make that big change in their natural speech. and their are many such problems.

This sounds training helps you in pronouncing the sounds perfectly and making the big change in the way you speak naturally. All the techniques that are employed make you achieve the results seamlessly.