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In the third month our focus is on making you speak English. However, it’s not about blabbering in English. During the third month you learn how to give professional presentations or speeches in English on intelligible topics. How to engage yourself in meaningful conversations. It involves a lot of preparation on your part.

You are trained on thinking in English. Processing complex thoughts in English in your mind and speaking them out easily. Not just easy for you to speak but also easy for the listener to understand.

In this training you get to watch some of the most successful people in their respective field talk about what's going on in

English Speaking Delhi, India | Online English Speaking Course
their respective field. This will open you up for a different way of using English. These are going to be simple to complex ideas and how easily these speakers explain them so that everyone can understand. This will not only improve your comprehension but also your speaking abilities.

These classes help you with a lot of group discussions, presentations and conversations because It’s not just about speaking but speaking well so others would want to listen to you.