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In the second month you are trained on English Grammar. Here, we train you on Parts of Speech and Tenses. We believe that you don’t necessarily need to learn grammatical formulas to be able to speak correct English. Just like you learnt to speak your native language before you came across any formal grammar training. Just like a child born in Britain doesn’t have to learn English Grammar before starting to speak correctly in English. That’s why our grammar training is not focused in making you memorise the grammatical formulas but rather just practice them directly. This is the natural way of learning English and it saves you a lot of time, effort and confusion. 

Our brain learn from repetition or practice. The more we use English (listening or speaking) the better we get at it. But our brain doesn't know the difference between a grammatically correct or incorrect sentence. This grammar training is more about making you listen and speak correct English.

If you join any institute for learning English, the grammar training is all about the trainer teaching you the grammatical formulas and asking you to speak and write a few sentences with that formula. Even though such a practice is enough for understanding a topic - it’s definitely not enough for making you change the way you speak. 

This Grammar Training is Backed Up By Ear Training

English Grammar Training. Learn English Grammar. English Speaking Delhi

That’s why in our training along with deep understanding of the topics we make you individually go through thousands of sentences. You get to program your subconscious mind to speak correct English automatically.

This is one of the best grammar training that you will find anywhere internationally.