Ear Training

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Ear training is all about programming your subconscious mind to listen and speak correct and fluent English automatically. These are audio exercises that will make you listen and speak correct and fluent English for two to three hours everyday. Ear training starts from the very first day of your training and goes on till the very last day. These exercises are given to you as assignments that you have to commit to for two to three hours everyday.

A lot of people who come to us for training have an issue, they say that they don’t remember some words when they need to use them. These are words that we already know but we forget them when we need them. This usually happens when we don’t use them quite often. Ear training will automatically take care of this problem. Within a few days you will notice that you are remembering the words more frequently.

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Some of us translate from Hindi to English in our minds before speaking. This takes a lot to time to speak and takes away the promptness and fluency from out speech. Also, English is a more direct language as compared to some other languages. So, the translation often turns out to be less effective. Ear training will help you to speak directly in English without translation.

Even some of the people who speak fluent English make mistakes grammatical or otherwise. The ear training helps you in removing these mistakes from your speech automatically. Also, it gives you greater control over your rate of speech.

Using Ear training you will also learn Advanced Vocabulary, Phrasal Verbs and Idioms in English.  Words are like tools, the more words you use the better world or communication you can create around you. We just can’t stress the importance of words enough.