The story behind Impact
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"I having been training in the corporate and institutes for many years before Impact. This is how it happened. Many years back a friend asked me about the best English learning institute in Mahipalpur. I said, “I don’t know. But I will find out for you.” I went to the one nearest to my home. After interacting with students and trainers there, I was disappointed because it seemed like the training methods were outdated and ineffective. The teachers and trainers are not trained properly. Most of the trainers didn't know much English themselves and they were untrained teachers. But the thing that disappointed me the most was they weren't worried much if someone was learning or not. Then, I went to the others and I was shocked to see that the rest were also similar. I discussed the findings with my friend. He suggested me to start teaching English to students, as I was professionally trained to teach and had a long training background. That’s when I came up with Impact Training Services." 

Rishi Sehrawat